Weddings   Portraits   Prints
$800   $75   4x6   $4.00
Ceremony & 2 hours (before or after) Up to 2 hours 5x7   $6.00
20 Digital Shots on CD   Multiple outfits   8x10   $12.00
1 8x10  2 5x7   2 5x7   11x14   $31.00
        Wallet (8 per unit )   $12.00
$1200       Other sizes available on request.
All day shoot, from getting ready to the last dance.   This is no department store shoot, we will shoot    Any of the digital negatives can also be
35 Digital Shots on CD   many different poses and hopefully have some fun   purchased.
2 8x10  4 5x7  8 4x6 too.
A CD with all photos is available for $250-500 depending on the number of shots.   50% of package price due at the booking, remaining due at the shoot   All prints are done at a professional finishing house, which is a higher quality than a
        1 hour processing center.



DJ Anderson Photography 2010

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